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Summer Binder Now available!


Children are excited to go on summer break, although things are still difficult because of the pandemic. Our new summer binders have fun activities that many kids are not able to experience outdoors. This is a perfect way for your child to build on their creativity while learning.


Our Summer Binder

Our Fun Summer Binder has 19 pages with educational and
creative fun  pages for kids to enjoy drawing their summer
vacation . Our Binder includes; Learn your colors, ABC's
match  upper case to lower case, learn your shapes, letter,
word and sentence sort, connect the dots and more.

Our Fun pages are also included in this wonder binder
such as; Summer Tic Tac Toe, a scavenger hunt, setting
up camp site, cleaning the beach, growing your farm, fun
at the zoo and more.

What the Summer Binder includes;
1. I know my name
2. I know my colors
3. Match upper case to lower case
4. Watermelon seed counting
5. Skip counting fireflies
6. Connect the dots
7. I know my shapes
8. Letter, Word, Sentence sort
9. Family word search
10. Summer word search
11. Differentiating city, state and country
12. Summer Tic Tac Toe
13. Scavenger hunt
14. My camp site
15. Cleaning the beach
16. Growing my farm
17. fun at the water park
18. Fun at the zoo
19. Fourth of July


Purchase our famous
Fun Pages

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Game On-5.png
Game On-8.png
Game On-6.png
Game On-7.png
Game On-9.png
Game On-10.png
Game On-11.png

As you make your way through the checkout, make sure to add some of these Fun Pages to your child's binder. 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

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