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My First Bible Binder 
Now available!

Ready Set Learn is excited to share that the Bible Binder has just been released. This binder has taken longer than any binder we have ever created. We created it because we want parents to have the opportunity to introduce their kids to the word of God using these Bible Stories. 

Final bible binder.png

Our Preschool Binder

Our Bible Binder includes 37 pages with some beautiful stories from the bible. This binder is perfect if you, and your child are trying to get closer to God.

All of the stories come with a nice reflection, so that you can learn more about the story. We have also included a page where you can find these stories in the real bible. The binder also comes with three prayers that you can say with your child before going to bed, as well as a message for the parents. Watch the video to see what all comes in the Bible Binder. 

Why is the Bible Binder so important? It is an opportunity for the parents to introduce their kids to the word of God using the Bible stories. 

What My First Bible Binder includes:

1. What Is In My Bible Binder?

2. Story of God's Creation

3. God's Creation Fun Page

4. Story of Adam and Even

5. Adam and Eve Fun Page

6. Story of Noah's Ark

7. Noah's Ark Fun Page

8. Story of Joseph

9. Joseph Fun Page

10. Story of Baby Moses

11. Baby Moses Fun Page

12. Story of Moses Frees the Israelites

13. Moses Frees the Israelites Fun Page

14. The 10 Commandments

15. The 10 Commandments Fun Page

16. The of Joshua and the Jordan River

17. Joshua and the Jordan River Fun Page

18. Story of David and Goliath

19. David and Goliath Fun Page

20. Story of Jonah

21. Jonah Fun Page

22. Story of Job

23. Job Fun Page

24. Story of John the Baptist

25. John the Baptist Fun Page

26. Story of Christ is Born

27. Christ is Born Fun Page

28. Story of Walking on Water

29. Walking on Water Fun Page

30. The Resurrection

31. The Resurrection Fun Page

32. Test Your Bible Knowledge

33. Answers to Test

34. The Lord's Prayer

35. Night Prayer

36. I feel Happy Prayer

37. Message to Parents

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Fun Pages

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Game On-7.png
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Game On-11.png

As you make your way to the checkout, make sure to add some of these Fun Pages to your child's binder. 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

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