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My Second    Grade Binder 
Now available!

Our Second Grade Binder is one of our new releases. It has been requested by many of our customers. There will be two binders released for second grade, one is our english binder and second is match, science and social sciences.

2ND Grade Binder.png

Our Second Grade    Binder

The Second grade English Binder includes 61 pages with educational, and creative pages for kids ages 7-8 years old. Our Second grader binder has a variety of subjects such as word skills, reading comprehension, phonics and grammer concepts. It also includes activities for your child after every concept that they learn in each subject. There are 27 pages of activities, and a answer key at the end of the binder. It does not include any cutouts, but it has a dry erase board marker to complete all activities. This binder goes in depth in each subject, so your child can get ahead in their studies. PDF will be available!

This is just the first part of the second grade binder. We will also be releasing math, science and social science in our part 2 Second Grade Binder.

What the Second Grade English binder includes:

I. Word Skills

  • Introduction to Language Arts 

  • Introduction to Writing Skills 

  • Vocabulary Words/ Activity

  • Capital Letters/ Activity 

  • ABC Order/ Activity 

  • Using Dictionary/ Activity

  • Homophones/ Activity

  • Homonyms/ Activity

  • Compound Words/ Activity

  • Synonyms/ Activity

  • Antonyms/ Activity

  • Prefixes and Suffixes/ Activity

  • Contractions/ Activity


II. Reading Comprehension

  • Introduction to Reading Comprehension

  • Classification/ Activity

  • Fact or Fiction/ Activity

  • Cause and Effect/ Activity

  • Comparison and Contrast/ Activity


III: Phonics

  • Introduction to Phonics 

  • Learning Consonants 

  1. Initial Consonants/ Activity 

  2. Medial Consonants/ Activity 

  3. Final Consonants/ Activity

  • Consonant Blends/ Activity

  • Adverbs/Activity

  • Mechanics/Activity

IV. Grammer Concepts

  • Introduction to Grammer Concepts

  • Learning Common Nouns & Proper Nouns/Activity

  • Learning Singular & Plurals/ Activity

  • Objective Pronouns & Linking Verbs/ Activity 

  • Comparative Adjectives/ Activity 

  • Compound Predicates/ Activity

  • Learning Prepositional Phases/ Activity 

V. Activity Answer Key

  • Activity 1 - 9 

  • Activity 10 - 14 

  • Activity 15 - 25 

  • Activity 26 - 27 

Match, science, and social science coming soon!

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Fun Pages

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As you make your way to the checkout, make sure to add some of these Fun Pages to your child's binder. 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

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