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Meet the sisters

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Marina Howard


Marina Howard is the famous founder of Ready Set Learn. She is the reason for these wonderful binders. She values early childhood development, and believes deeply in the mission of Ready Set Learn. Marina Howard is a stay-at-home mother to two beautiful girls, Emma (10), and Aria (2). She has a supportive husband, Will Howard, who has been helping her with her orders. You may be wondering how Marina came up with Ready Set Learn. She previously made a toddler binder for her daughter Aria, and her nephew Ace. She saw how excited the kids were when working on their binders that she decided to design more for other age groups. The rest is history, Marina now has binders for ages 1-6 years old.


Fun fact about Marina Howard, she has so much love for animals. She has three dogs, one whom she rescued from the streets. We hope you enjoyed learning about the founder of Ready Set Learn, Marina Howard.

Jasmin Zaragoza


Jasmin Zaragoza is the youngest sister. She joined on board with Ready Set Learn when Marina gave her a binder for her son Ace. Jasmin supports Marina so much, and loves that these binders are making a difference in early childhood education. She is a stay-at-home mother to Ace, her two-year old son. Jasmin is also currently expecting, and due in November. She has a husband, Justin Snodgrass, who has supported her since day one. He is also the financial advisor of Ready Set Learn. Apart from this, Jasmin also runs a tennis academy with her husband, and nonprofit organization that she plans on partnering with Ready Set Learn. She has a vision for her nonprofit where she can provide free education in underserved communities with these interactive binders. Jasmin is excited for the things that have been happening in Ready Set Learn, and admires how close she has been getting with her two sisters.


Fun fact about Jasmin, she loves playing tennis, and is currently playing on two tennis leagues. We hope you enjoyed learning about the youngest sister, Jasmin Snodgrass.

Jeanette Hernandez

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Jeanette Hernandez is the oldest sister. She holds the three sisters together, and encourages each and one of them to stay positive and to continue to be strong. She is the reason Ready Set Learn continues to grow, and move forward. Jeanette is a stay-at-home mother to two beautiful children, Tempie (5), and Ozias (4). Jeanette also is currently homeschooling her children while working full-time with Ready Set Learn. Since homeschooling her young children she realized how powerful education is, and values her time at Ready Set Learn. She wants the same for all children with these Interactive binders. Jeanette has a wonderful husband, Jay Hernandez, who has been supporting her while also working full-time.


A fun fact about Jeanette, she loves house plants as you can see behind her in the photo. That is just one plant out of the hundreds that she owns. We hope you enjoyed learning about the oldest sister, Jeanette Hernandez.

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