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ASD Learning Binder
  • ASD Learning Binder

    Our ASD Learning Binder comes with 19 laminated pages. Everything is prepared and ready to go in the binder. The binder comes with a routine for your child for the morning and night. This binder has it all, so order yours today.


    What will come with your binder?

    1. My Morning Routine

    2. My Bedtime Routine

    3. Name Page with tracing

    4. My Emotions

    5. Sort the Food by Color

    6. Couting Trains (1-4)

    7. Couting Trains (4-8)

    8. Couting Trains (8-10)

    9. Find the Shapes in the Toy Room

    10. Trace the Shapes

    11. Sort the Toys By Size

    12. Same or Different

    13. Find Your Way to the Zoo

    14. Puzzle

    15. Sharing Times

    16. Sensory Scavenger Hunt

    17. Prepare your Chocolate Cake

    18. Bake Your Chocolate Cake

    19. Creative Play - Fun at the Park

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